• Sirius questioned lowly, trying to will back the tears in his eyes. “Of course, Pads. Anything,” Remus quickly replied, raising a hand up to tuck a piece of stray hair behind Sirius’s ear. As he went to pull his hand away, Sirius grabbed onto his wrist, holding it up to lean into Remus’ palm. “Can I stay?”
  • AND THIS TIME WITH SIRIUS BAE XD Hope it is as requested and YOUR POSSI WAS REEDY FOR THIS! #reader insert. #nsfw alphabet. #sirius black imagines.
  • Tagged: #Sirius Black #x reader #reader insert #fluff #smut #imagine #preference #one shot #short #tags #requests #open #masterlist #playlist #links #marauders #ben barnes #gif #not my gif #image #cute #angst #prompts #littlemisscaptainfandom #queuing like its British #James potter #Remus Lupin #Hogwarts #j k rowling #Gryffindor
  • Cuddling with Sirius ~ Fluff. if Sirius never Died, AKA none of us are over this ~ Not X Reader, but i cry. Angst, Fluff, etc Arkansas state football scores 2018 Rns 510 navigation system map update download Miui 12 system apps apk Where is the power button on my vizio tv Ontario works services ottawa on k1g 6s6
  • Jul 28, 2017 · The Prison I Call Home [Regulus Black - Marauders Era] Originally posted by padfootd ♥ PROMPT ♥ [Requested by sectumsempra-beaches] Helloooo!!!I was kinda wondering if you could do a Regulus Black x Hufflepuff!reader?? :p where She/He is friends with the Blacks since a young age (reader is of regulus’s age) and when she/he goes to hogwarts she/he is torn between the two brothers. but ...
  • Kavurucu, yakıcı anlamına gelen Sirius yıldızı Dünya'nın neresinde olursanız olun karşınıza çıkan en parlak yıldız olma unvanının hakkını veriyor. Asıl rengi beyaz ve mavi olsa da farklı renklerde karşımıza çıktığı için aynı zamanda "gökkuşağı yıldızı" olarak da anılıyor.
Sirius black x reader au Sirius black x reader au
Aug 27, 2017 · request: Hi could tou do a remus x reader where the reader is badass but believes in soulmates and spirit guides and reincarnation and is just really spiritual and hes in love with the way she looks at life and one day sirius asks whether remus and reader met in a past life (for funsies£cuz they spend so much time together and she says that ...
Pretending (Sirius Black x Reader). Add to Favourites. Comment. And your black robe billowed as you walked, your shoes clapping against the cold, marble floor. The row of bookshelves was a comforting sight, for you always loved books.Pairing: sirius x fem!reader. Summary: it’s sirius’ birthday, so the reader decides to finally confess their feelings. a/n: eeeeee I’m back!! Sorry it was such a long break, I can’t promise this is a permanent return but it’s Sirius’ birthday today so I had to do a special fic for him xx hope you enjoy!! wordcount: 2k … Keep reading
Sirius Black. Shyness, fluff. Fandom: Harry Potter. Request: “Could u write a Sirius x metamorphmagus!reader? She’s in slytherin and has a crush on him but since she’s in slytherin and also flirts with other girls she doesn’t think that he could ever like her. Could u make it super fluffy” Word count: 438. gif is not mine.
Draco x Reader Soulmate AU “Genre: Humor Word count: 1,035 Warnings: Swearing Main Masterlist Summary: Once you turn 16, the words your soulmate first say to you is written in ink on your wrist and... A reader-insert fanfiction of (Y/N) Potter, the adopted sister of James Potter who was deemed mentally incapable to raise Harry Potter and delusional enough to love and believe Sirius Black. TW: death, graphic details, mental health stigma, trauma, torture
sirius black. şükela: tümü | bugün. 4 yil once tanistigim.herzaman (sabahlari haric) neseli...guler yuzlu...sirdasim... farkinda olmasada bana cok sey oreten hocam... muzik zevkimi etkileyen insan... net teki ilk rehberim... dragonlance in turkiye temsilcilerinden... dostum.sirius sirius black sirius orion black pads padfoot moony wormtail padfoot and prongs sirius black fanfiction sirius black fanfic sirius black fluff sirius black angst sirius black x reader Sirius Black x reader insert sirius black x you sirius black x y/n you x sirius black sirius x reader sirius x reader insert sirius x you sirius x y/n you x ...

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