• Feb 28, 2009 · The new crush washers are about $0.19 each when you buy 6 on line. At that price, I don't reuse them. Just snug up the drain plug to the crush washer, then torque a little more to feel the washer crush. That's it and I never had an oil leak or stripped the threads of the aluminum drain pan after about 300,000 miles of oil changes on 2 Ody's.
  • 14 48Leveling the Washer ... • When installing or moving the appliance, be careful not to pinch, crush, or damage the power cord. ... Do not reuse old hoses.
  • I installed this crush washer on a custom upper build with a bunch of various parts. everything went together with no issue and it works fine. It's very important to remember that if you're doing a new build you should not reuse the crush washer. It's such a cheap part and necessary to be replaced
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  • I have a Tohatsu 4 stroke (2019 MFS 30C). It's time for the 20 hour service. I have the seals for the lower unit oil drain screws, but I'm having a hard time finding a part number for the engine oil drain screw washer. I believe it's made of soft aluminum (crush washer, not to be reused). Any help will be appreciated.
  • A crush washer is used to seal the sump plug and to prevent engine oil leaking out. It is made from a soft alloy (usually copper) and will ‘crush’ when you tighten it up, creating a better seal than the sump plug will on its own. They cost pennies so it doesn’t make sense to try and reuse your old one or not use one at all.
I'm not advocating to reuse the crush washer but I probably used the same washer 20 times. I also used an inch lbs torque wrench every time too. I think it's the combination of used washer and over torque that splits the case. After reading multiple threads like this I finally bought a 20 years supple of M12 copper washers for a few bucks.
Fact is, crush washers are not supposed to be reused. You wouldn't fit used brake pads, so why do this ? You statement "A slightly thinner washer will not hurt one bit. And they will work just as good as new." is totally wrong, and if you do think that a used washer is as good as new, then I am glad I don't ride anywhere near you.
POLARIS - WASHER, COPPER. Manufacturer Brand New, Genuine Polaris Part Manufacturer Part# 5812232 Item Number OEM133788 See all vehicles this product fits. $1.24 ... Either way it's not a huge deal, crush washers are cheap, there is no reason not to replace it but if you reuse a crush washer and it starts leaking it will be very slight, as in barely noticeable, just buy a new one and replace with your next oil change.
An ordinary nut with an ordinary washer, used to fasten a bolt on something that is subject to repetitive vibration -- say, a wheel axle or engine accessory -- would eventually vibrate loose. Lock washers and lock nuts prevent this from happening. Lock washers, when tightened to the required torque beneath an ordinary ...
I have always reused the washer in previous cars three times before replacing them, however these cars have far longer There are also crush washers, which need to be replaced after every use.Thanks for the input. In our one horse town I was able to find a 12mm crush washer and file down the outside diameter. Probably could have got away with reusing them but let me tell you, the oil pressure sensor replacement is one painful, test of fortitude processes that I hope not to repeat in the near future.
Put the crush washer back on the drain plug and use the 12mm wrench setup to tighten it back into the drain port. Moving the drain pan to the other (left) side you will find the oil filter. First use your 8mm wrench and socket to remove the brake line support, the cable has some slack from the front that you can use to move the obstruction out of the way. On the crush washers, it looks like one side is flat- does the flat side go against the head of the... Drain plug crush washers. Jump to Latest Follow.

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