• A LM13700 is used as a global VCA and for resonance control, with loudness compensation. While this product is in fact a Shruthi-1 originally designed, sold and supported by Mutable Instruments, it is no longer manufactured by them and therefore is not supported by Mutable Instruments.
  • Nov 18, 2019 · Each of those use a different filter (4-Pole with LM13700, 4-Pole with SSM2164, 2-Pole SVF with SSM2164). Original developer: Emilie Gillet ([email protected]) The firmware is released under a GPL3.0 license. It includes a variant of the formant synthesis algorithm used in Peter Knight's Cantarino speech synthesizer.
  • Dec 03, 2007 · Here are some pictures of my soundlab minisynth.I recently added the Sample and hold option, the external input and also a ring modulator (using the extra OTA available in the board) and I had to recase it, cause the new additions would not fit in the old case.
  • The Suiseki is Old Crow's 4HP eurorack version of the famous Small Stone phase shifter from the mid-1970s. From Pink Floyd to Jean-Michel Jarre, this is the sound of those string pads of days gone by. The Suiseki uses a common part list, replacing the CA3094s in favor of widely available LM13600 or LM13700 ICs.
  • DIY Synthesizer +12 / -12V, requires external power supply This synthesizer was built between autumn 2014 and spring 2015. All modules are +/- 12V with a signal voltage of 10Vpp around ground. Most of the circuits are unashamedly stolen from Ray Wilson’s www.musicfromouterspace.com, while the four VCOs come in two different variants by Thomas ...
  • Accordingly, the CA13700 is the same circuit as the CA13600 with the exception that the output buffer impedance is independent of the bias current. A schematic for an OTA on the CA13600 is included. The Darlington in the CA13700 (LM13700) has no connection to the input current mirror as the 13600 does.
A typical soft compressor setting would be 2:1 above threshold. A good starting ratio for the Compression control may be 4:1 as it generally sounds good with bass guitar. A ratio of 5:1 or 6:1 will sound great for slap or funk-style playing. For synth-bass try 10:1 Compression. Attack and Release
The LM13700 is a current-production OTA that can be used in place of a CA3080 in the Dyna circuit with no sonic difference, and in fact is the chip of choice in the Ibanez CP-9. Variation of bias current Vs Control Voltage (Vc) 0 0.
Cabintech Global LLC. 237 likes. Cabin Tech Global provides specialty audio semiconductors from Coolaudio, Xvive, Alfa Rpar, and our own CEfx audio effects breadboard modules. Music From Outer Space is your synth-diy headquarters. Analog synthesizer plans and schematics.
The LM13600 and LM13700 started out life as a practice piece for a new mask designer. They were thinking about second-sourcing the CA3080, and the new 16-pin package made a dual CA3080 an easy exercise (just flip the layout to do the other side). They had a few pins left over, so they added the Darlington buffers and the predistortion diodes.
A Minimoog Model D synthesizer (the kind used by Kraftwerk from the 70s to 1981). Image courtesy of Moog. Synthesizer Type and Music Theory. The synthesizer that we will be designing was extremely common back in the day. It's known as a 1V/Octave synthesizer. This means that for every 1V increase on the input, the output frequency will go up by ...Without the linearization diodes (LM13700) the 3080 is truly a small-signal device, you'll start to pick up distortion with input differentials less than kT/q.
May 17, 2016 · WOW I started three of old layout last weekend they are half done didnt save it . i have a request for version 2 is this till a version 2? i thought i would be ok and that this was verified. any chance of getting the old layout Alex? i will take the time to make the changes. is this a vwrsion 2? version 2 is the only one i know of that uses the ... circuits. In particular, a drum synth uses a rapidly-changing pitch to give that distinctive "drum-like" sound. OTAs would be used for the frequency sweep with a VCO, and also as a voltage-controlled filter (VCF) acting on a white noise source for snare sounds. In addition, the overall amplitude envelope of the sound would use an OTA as

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