• Lipofectamine™ 3000 0.5 µg of DNA and 1 µl of P3000 Reagent in 25 µl of serum/antibiotic-free medium was added to 1.5 µl of Lipofectamine 3000 in 25 µl of serum/antibiotic-free medium. Cells transfected with the K4 Transfection System were pre-incubated for two hours, with 5µl of K4 Multiplier.
  • Figure 1. Enhanced protein expression using Lipofectamine ® 3000 reagent. HepG2 cells were transfected with a vector expressing GST-tagged STAT protein. A western blot was performed to determine the level of expression using -actin as a control. Lipofectamine® 3000 Transfection Reagent Lipofectamine ® 3000 reagent leverages our most advanced ...
  • Comparing the two transfection systems, the Lipofectamine 3000 system, in our study, had a higher transfection rate than the jetPEI Nanoparticle system. For the TGFβ1-treated cells, the control showed an increase in fibrotic markers as expected. The Id2 overexpressing cells showed a decrease in fibrotic
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were transfected to cells with Lipofectamine 3000 (Life Technologies,Waltham, MA). Cells were harvested for 48 hours after transfection before mRNA extraction or ChIP assay. All siRNAs were synthesized in GenePharma (Shanghai, China); the target sequences were listed in Supplemental Table 4. Coimmunoprecipitation.
Lipofectamine 3000 reagent maintains a high transfection efficiency within a robust dynamic range of lipid doses for quick and easy optimization. A low toxicity lipid dose (0.75µL for 24-well plates) is suggested for applications requiring minimal disruption of the cells.
Миоглобин Ов2альбумин 4. 6. 1 000 3000.The chemical transfection reagents used were: Lipofectamine ® 2000 from Thermo Life Sciences (catalog number 11668-027), Trans. IT ®-LT1 and . Trans. IT ®-2020 from Mirus Bio, LLC. The pEYFP-nuc plasmid DNA was used to monitor transfection efficiency and as a bacterial cloning vector for mock DNA transfection. For Lipofectamine ® 2000
Aug 15, 2015 · Yes, Lipofectamine 3000 transfection reagent works well for delivery DNA into MCF-7 cells. We get ~60% transfection efficiency (GFP plasmid) by using Lipofectamine 3000 to transfect MCF-7 cells. Here are some suggestions for 96-well plate format: • The day before transfection, seed 25,000 MCF-7 cells per well of a 96-well plate.
Lipofectamine® 3000 can be used to efficiently deliver the EPi5™ episomal reprogramming vectors to BJ skin fibroblasts for the generation of iPSCs. Lipofectamine® 3000. Geltrex® Matrix.Briefly, 125 µL Opti-MEM supplemented with 3.0 µL lipofectamine 3000 were mixed with 125 µL Opti-MEMcontaining100 nM S1, 100 nM S2, 120 nM S3 for 15 min at room temperature. Next, the cells were incubated with the 1 mL mixture for 1 h at 37 oC, and washed with PBS (pH 7.4) three times before In control
Lipofectamine 3000 (ThermoFisher Scientific, MA, USA, #L3000001) based on provided directions. Lipofectamine 3000 was also used to transfect cells with miRNAs or siRNA oligos. BMP2 siRNA, silncRNA Rhno1, and siRNA-NC (GenePharma, Shanghai, China) were transfected at 50 nM. Quantitative real-time PCR (qRT-PCR) Download PDF. Research. Open Access. Diluted DNA was added dropwise to the diluted Lipofectamine™ 3000 reagent at a 1:1 ratio and incubated for 10 min at room temperature.

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