• 2 Kodachrome II Color MOVIE FILM Super 8 Cartridges Type A KA 464 - EXP 1973. $9.95 + $3.95 shipping . Vintage Kodak Kodachrome 40 Color Movie Film, Super 8 Cartridge ...
  • But I'd like to see these kids try to artfully use a traditional film camera or make a super 8 home movie. Traditional film takes integrity, nostalgia, effort, patience and imagination - things that the 21st century has very little of. Everything these days, even a superior medium like film photography with an extensively vivid history and an ...
  • Kodachrome II, a faster, more versatile version of the film, came out in 1961, making it even more appealing to the point-and-shoot generation. Super 8, a low-speed fine-grain Kodachrome movie film, was released in 1965 — and was used to film seemingly every wedding, beach holiday and backyard barbecue for the next decade.
  • The State of Super-8 - David W. Scott analyzes the current state of Super-8 after Kodachrome by comparing different film stocks available today and looking at the world of telecine. Giles Perkins - Giles Perkins talks about himself and the phenomenal growth of the very popular and informative website devoted to Super-8 called onsuper.org
  • Comes with unopened Kodachrome 40 film ! Sold as is. Good condition but untested. Original box and carry case with mic.Bell And Howell Filmsonic XL Super 8 Film Camera W/ Bag Mic Box Untested.
  • Jun 16, 2011 · In 1965, Eastman Kodak released its new line of Super 8 film and Kodak Instamatic Movie Cameras. The cameras featured 50-feet of drop-load Kodachrome II Super 8 Film housed in a black plastic...
Films Super 8, 8mm, Single 8, 16mm anciens et périmés. Agfachrome, Kodachrome... Ils pourront être envoyés et développés directement au Canada par FILM RESCUE Ils peuvent être envoyés aux Pays Bas (qui renvoie ensuite à FILM RESCUE Canada pour le développement) Bordereau de commande Pays Bas : ou
Kodak Kodachrome II 2 Color Movie Film Super 8 Cartridge 50' type A KA 464 NOS . R$ 140,89. Brand: Kodak. R$ 137,57 de frete. Type: Color. Observar.
On December 30, 2010, development on Kodachrome film, process K-14, ceased. I found out this would happen the September beforehand, visiting the website of Dwayne’s Photo, who had been the very last processor of the film. I had found a roll of Super-8 K40 in a thrift store and shot it on my way out to Portland, where I now reside. A place to share moving image films made using super-8 mm film. A place to discuss processing techniques and share technical information. Screen shots of super 8 or super 8 still blow ups are welcome. Can we stick to super 8 stills or video please, no photographs of us using super 8 or super 8 camera gear, thanks (there are other groups for that).
Comes with unopened Kodachrome 40 film ! Sold as is. Good condition but untested. Original box and carry case with mic.Bell And Howell Filmsonic XL Super 8 Film Camera W/ Bag Mic Box Untested.
Older Kodachrome Process K11 or K12 Kodachrome II and Kodachrome II Type A, made prior to 1977 (Double 8mm Kodachrome is sometimes in a silver dollar sized tin (about 2 inches, 5 cm)) Older Ektachrome Films All older color movie films made prior to 1981 (except Kodachrome) Black and White Plus-X, Super XX, Tri-X, and 4XJun 24, 2009 · During the 1960's the speed of the film was increased with the introduction of Kodachrome II the film became much easier to use for the average enthusiast 'snapper' of everyday family life, a Super 8 cine film was introduced at the same time.
Discussion Super 8 comes back Life, The Universe, and Politics Both of Kodak's Super-8 Color Negative Vision2 Film Stocks are rewriting Super-8 Films role in the world of Low Budget Filmmaking by reducing the amount of total lighting output that is required. Kodak Vision2 200T is a beautiful Color Negative Super-8 film stock.

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