• All of this is so new and fascinating to me! I have an interest in what would be a simple task (soldering new batteries into video game cartridges) and wanted to see what was all involved. I found your channel and this video while looking at how to desolder. Your video is such a great source of information.
  • Designed for soldering SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA and other temperature sensitive components, essential tool for cell phone repair, laptop repair, or circuit boards soldering. Specifications • Model: 8786D I • Total Power Consumption: 700W • Air Flow Type: Brushless Fan With Soft Air • Max Air Flow Volume: 120L/min
  • Dec 29, 2018 · Desolder IC chip and solder it to UPA EEPROM 93CXX adapter using a hot gun. Connect 93CXX adapter and UPA with laptop. Open UPA USB v1.3 programmer software.
  • Dec 19, 2018 · A computer's processor (also referred to as the Central Processing Unit, or CPU) is its heart. The small chip on the motherboard determines how quickly the machine can perform operations and the speed with which programs can open and run.
  • The BIOS memory can always be flashed. Some motherboards, like certain Gigabyte models, feature dual-memory. Updates are only performed on one; in case update fails, a pristine copy is residing on the other to redo the process.
  • Chocolate chip cookies are great, but mocha chip cookies are better. Made with a little instant coffee, chocolate chips, a large egg, and nut flour.
These are the only 6 essential connections that need to be made from the USBASP Programmer to the target AVR chip. Using the popular ATmega328 chip as an example, we will show the wiring necessary to connect a USBASP to an Atmega328 chip to program it. The schematic diagram for wiring the USBASP to the Atmega328 chip is shown below.
Learn how to use desoldering braid and improve your effectiveness. | Lastly, we would like to end this post with how to use desoldering wick. Place the braid over unwanted solder, preferably on the greatest solder build up so that it maximizes the contact of the braid to the surface area of the solder.
Chip Quik Part No. 1 For 8-10 SMD’s SMD1-ND 15.15 SMD1 — Complete Rework Kit, Contents Listed SMD2000-ND 117.83 SMD2000 Complete Solder/Desolder No Lead Rework Kit SMD6000-ND 151.49 SMD6000 Replacement Parts 2 Tool Vacuum Pick and Place, 6 pieces V8910-ND 43.69 V8910 — Industrial Pack Replacement Low Temperature Solder 16' SMD16-ND 109.97 ... Jan 12, 2016 · And all that thermal stress isn’t exactly the best thing for the chip itself. You risk ending up with a dud. The other trick commonly used is to cut the pins of the DIP and then you can treat each...
Aug 26, 2019 · Now that the board is removed we can begin with the fun part. Using a desoldering tool or desoldering braid, desolder the 28 solder joints marked 27c256, the 24 joints marked 74hc373, and the four holes on the space labeled CN2. You will notice the CN2 section on the board has 5 holes.
If there are no such 'test points' desolder the chip, and solder it to your own PCB where you have all necessary pins connected. Connect JTAG adapter to the appropriate pins. Use the software which is designed to work with such chips via JTAG to read the firmware or SRAM. Jul 22, 2017 · Then from the pin 17 to the chip it was about 40 cm of wire. 2) After cut the wire from 40cm to 22 cm I have powered on the raspberry again but it seems doesn’t want to power on.. the pin 17 wires are a bit warm.. then an other guy on freenode has said me to desolder the chip… ?!?!?!
Jun 04, 2020 · Nissan Daewoo AGC-0071RF Radio wiring connection to Xhorse VVDI Prog programmer.. Credit to s qubiak. Q: Read eeprom FM24V01 = 24c128 and post dump for code A: You do not need to desolder Let's desolder the microcontroller? Damn, this is just standard solderwire, nothing to do with the desoldering alloy and its low melting point. Ordering mistake... (u_u) Result, went a bit medieval on the poor chip...

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