• Apr 23, 2020 · Haltech Elite 2500 + Nissan Skyline R32/R33/R34 GT-R PNP Adaptor Kit. $2,150.00 Coil Type: This selects the dwell or charge time of the coils. Choose “AUTO” if unsure. Auto – The controller will automatically match the coil dwell to the crankshaft reluctor wheel used.
  • Worlds Fastest Supercharged 1/2 Mile Corvette 182.33 MPH (As of 03.09.15) 434 Cubic Inch LrB Performance built ELR longblock, Mast Black Label heads, Comp Cams Hyd roller camshaft, American Racing 2" Headers, Haltech Elite 2500 with 8 EGT sensors, Fore Innovations Triple pump fuel system, ID2000 injectors, Driveshaft shop 1,400hp axles and carbon driveshaft, RPM level 7 trans and diff, RPS ...
  • I am in the process of changing my engine management back to Delco and selling off my Haltech Platinum Sport GM. I am wanting to use the numbers out of my main fuel and spark tables just as a starting point. I know they will need to change a bit, considering the injector flow calculations and injector dead times ect will probably be a bit ...
  • Haltech Elite 950 + GM GEN IV LS2/LS3 (non DBW) Terminated Loom Kit. £1,374.00
  • Hi I've recently had my engine tuned on a Haltech GM Platinum Sport ECU. It occasionally throws the check engine light on. I've had a look through the Haltech ECU Manager software, I can't seem to find an option for reading diagnostic codes.
  • Haltech Air Temp Sensor Thread: 1/8 NPT ... Street/Sport Truck All-Season; ... Holley Terminator X MAX Engine Management System For Chevrolet Truck, 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L ...
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The Haltech platinum sport GM has many applications on early GM fuel injected vehicles from 1985 through until the mid 1990 s. The sport GM carries the same connector as GM s popular 1227165 ECU (there are a number of other GM ECU s that also carry this connector including but not limited to, 1227303, 1227747, 1227752, 1227170, 1228746, 16198259, 16198445, 16087373, 16198259).
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New Haltech Sport New Haltech Sport 2000 Stand Alone Ecu Ht 051400 Ht051400 ... Haltech Ps2000 Gm Haltech Ps2000 Gm Gen Iv Ls2 Ls3 Non Dbw Terminated Harness Kit ...
Platinum Sport Plug-in - GM Kit (suits early GM TBI/TPI with DELCO ECU - Please consult Haltech for further infomation) ¥196,800 HT055001 Platinum PRO Plug-in Nissan R32/33 Skyline Kit (Manual trans only) ¥259,900 HT055006 Platinum PRO Plug-in Nissan R34 (GTR ONLY) Skyline Kit ¥288,900 Jan 23, 2013 · This past evening I installed my Haltech sport 2000 on my 1989 Nissan S13 with SR20DET engine & was able to get it idling very richly (10:1), but not driveable yet. The car runs fine on the stock ECU with the stock harness at this time before the installation of the Haltech & now after as well.
Haltech Platinum Sport Direct Plug In For Gm Kit. $1,187.00. Haltech Elite 2500 Haltech Elite 2500 Pnp Adaptor Harness Ecu Kit Supra Jza80 2jz Non Vvi Manual. $2,232.00. A Haltech MAP sensor (manifold absolute pressure) provides instantaneous pressure information to the electronic control unit (ECU) from the intake manifold – the amount of boost or vacuum in the intake manifold. This is necessary to calculate air density and determine the engine’s air mass flow rate or in other words engine load.

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