• Technical Data World Class Powders & Ammunition We've been part of the Australian reloading community longer than you think. The ADI brand is owned by Australian Munitions, ADI World Class Powders & Ammunition products are proudly Australian made and our commitment to the local reloading community is stronger than
  • It loads the 150, 168 and 175 grain .308 Winchester, and loads all .30-30 combinations. It works in .30-06, in 7mm-08, 6mm BR, 6mm PPC, .204 Ruger This propellant has a burn rate and temperature sensitivity very similar to Hodgdon® VARGET. These characteristics and propellant density closely...
  • Порох Hodgdon Varget. Вага - 0,454 кг. Есть в наличии.
  • Apr 01, 2020 · Besides 6br and heavies is it a go to powder for anything? Down to only reloading 243 and 223 these days. ... Varget is my go to powder in the 308, would have to ...
  • Reloading any cartridge requires a familiarity with safe, conservative reloading practices. When combined with personal discipline and attention to detail, such practices can help create a margin of safety for both the reloader and the shooter. 1. Never begin loading with the maximum powder charge shown in these reloading data tables,
  • Current load: 175 SMK, Win Brass, CCI BR2/200, 45g of Varget. what have you all seen work with the ELD-Match bullets. ... hornady 6 cm 2960 6mm br norma barnes 105 ...
N135 – the universal rifle powder Developed originally for 7.62×51 NATO M80 Ball, Vihtavuori’s N135 is today a universal gun powder which is used by reloaders for a large range of calibers from .222 Remington to .458 Winchester Magnum. The N135 is a tubular powder type with grain dimensions of 1,0 mm length and 0,8
I buy Varget by the 8lb jugs and I use a bunch of it in 7mm-08, 22-250, 6mmBR, and a couple of .223 ARs. I also use a lot of H4895 in those rifles that prefer it over Varget. Frankly, if I could only have one powder for .204 Ruger, .223, and 22-250 it would be H4895.
Apr 12, 2019 · Is anyone shooting a 6mm BR-AI ? I cannot find any load data for this round. My PT&G reamers arrived today and my old worn out 6mm BR barrel is heading for the recycling bin. I will have a 1:7 Hardy barrel and want to try out some Berger 115gr along with the Sierra 107's that are working a treat in the current barreled 6BR. Jul 10, 2017 · The standard load (go to load) for the service rifle guys is the 77gr SMK at mag length (2.260) and 24gn of Varget. That's out of a 20"HBAR with a 1:7 twist. I have a bunch of them left over from my service rifle days and now use them for 3 gun at anything over 250 yards out of a stretch 16 1:8 twist.
• Load Development and Bullet Choice — With the 6BR and 100-108gr bullets, load development should be relatively easy. With Varget, Reloder 15, Norma 203B, or VV N150, between 30.0 and 30.7 grains should work as your final load. My match load is 30.3 Varget and that has shot under 2.0″ at 600 yards.
Hodgdon’s Varget and H4350 are favorites of competition and tactical shooters. These powders are ideal for popular match calibers such as 6mmBR/Dasher (Varget) and 6mm Creedmoor (H4350). Being in high demand, these powders are often hard to find. But now Natchez Shooters Supply has Varget 1-pounders in stock for $29.99. Natchez also has H4350 in stock, as does Powder Valley Inc.(PVI). Does anyone publish load data for the big 500 to 600 gr. boolits and smokeless powder in the 45-70 cartridge. Can't remember where I picked the load up from. 46 gr of Varget in Remington cases 1640 fps out of a Marlin 1895.
In this video we start load .30-06 Springfield load development with the new 150 gr Speer Gold Dot and Hodgdon Varget.Provided by Alexa ranking, 6mmbr.com has ranked N/A in N/A and 1,163,511 on the world.6mmbr.com reaches roughly 2,689 users per day and delivers about 80,660 users each month. . The domain 6mmbr.com uses a Commercial suffix and it's server(s) are located in N/A with the IP number and it is a .com. dom

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