• It's not extremely loud since it has the equivalent of a 50C5 (45B5) for an output driver but it easily fills a living room with a very "civilized" tone. It is a series filament circuit and all the tubes are of the European variety: (UCC85 UCH81 UF89 UABC80 UM80 UL84 UY85) There are equivalents available with more recognizable designations: (26AQ8 19D8 12DA6 27AK8 19BR5 45B5 38A3).
  • This is a suitable replacement for any 50C5 tube type. Various brands. Price is for a Single Tube.
  • Dec 07, 2017 · Equivalent system of equations by adding a multiple of a system. gp100681907545900641481. Dec 7, 2017. 955 views. Math. Create an equivalent system of equations by ...
  • Output Transformers Explained. General. There are several things that are important in getting an output transformer made. The main parameters are: (a) the reflected primary impedance for a given secondary load impedance, which must match the needs of the particular tube being used, (b) the primary inductance, which determines the low frequency response, (c) the primary leakage inductance and ...
  • To see a cross reference table of equivalent tubes that are equal or better in performance than the original tubes. We are an authorized dealer for Electro Harmonix, Tungsol, Mullard, Genalex, Sovtek, and Svetlana products and also supply Valve Art, JJ/Tesla, Ruby and USA NOS tubes for many analog applications.
  • The 12AU7 (ECC82) is a Twin Triode vacuum tube, it is very popular in the audio world because it is rather rugged and can be operated at lower voltages. Headphone amplifier and 12AU7 tube is powered by just 12V DC voltage. This is great news for those new to vacuum tubes that want experience and learn more about them.
Doctsf, site des radios et techniques audiovisuelles anciennes. La lampe 50C5 - tube 50C5. Fiche avec 1 photo, brochage, caractéristiques (datasheet). Lampe présente dans 1010 appareils décrits dans la base de données du Grand Livre de la TSF
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change the 50C5 to a 6AQ5 I had on hand (rewire socket). This radio used a selenium rectifier which was bad so silicon bridge rectifier was used with new 100uf caps as filter to get clean 150v B+. Since If selectivity was minimal I added an old 6KHZ mechanical filter and a second IF amp tube (5899 subsub mini) to fix that and and a bit of gain. 63 results for 50c5 tube. Save this search. Shipping to: Russian Federation. Matched Pair 50C5 GE NOS NIB same code Vacuum Tubes, TV-7D tested 117%+.
Equivalent on abroad. TB5-2500. Output power (KW). Main Products: Steel Pipe Welder, AC & DC Motor, Electronic Component, Steel Mills, Welding Machine, Thickness Gauge, X-ray Thickness Gauge, Capacitors, Electron Tubes, Water Cooled Capacitors.
Another tube that would be very interesting to try in a simple transmitter is the 6HU8, which is equivalent to the European ELL80 is a dual PENTODE output tube intended to give 6 Watts + 6 Watts stereo output, or as a push-pull - AA5 AM tube radio designs to run on 240V AC, four methods (a "what if" study). -To run an AA5 on 100VAC (Japan), replace the 50C5 with a 35C5 or 30A5, or if it's a 50L6, use a 35L6. Optional: install second 1K resistor in parallel with the resistor connected between rectifier output B+ and the output tube screen/ B+ for rest of set.
Wwell, that depends. The 385W4 is reasonably easy - replace it with a 1N4XX diode. The 50C5 is a beam power tube, commonly used as an audio amp. You can replace it with an LM-380 or 386 with a bit of doing.. BUT! The big problem with those tubes is that they were commonly used in series filament strings designed to work directly off 100 V AC. The 6U8/A is the one tube I could do without in my life. The KWM-2A uses a bunch of them, and they've never seemed to last worth a damn. This topic came up on the Collins reflector some time ago with one fellow insisting they were no different than any other tube.

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